Are you resting and recovering enough?

As we head into the holiday season and many people's schedules start to fill up again, we are going to discuss an important topic: rest. Now it's important to recognize that rest does not just mean sleep or lounging on the couch, but rather all of the time you spend relaxing, taking breaks from work/chores/strenuous exercise, or just slowing down your body and mind. Our goal is to combat both physical and mental stress and allow our bodies to recover from [...]

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Is coffee an acceptable breakfast?

Do you tend to forego a real meal and treat coffee as your first meal of the day? This applies especially if you don't eat for several hours after the coffee. As convenient as it may be, especially for busy drivers on the road, coffee is not a meal. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day as we've discussed before, providing you with the calories needed to fuel your metabolism and nourish your body. Ideally, breakfast should have [...]

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Not hungry? You may still need to eat!

Many people try to work against their appetite, trying to squash their hunger so they aren't tempted to eat. Strategies like eating loads of vegetables, drinking tonnes of water, staying busy, drinking coffee, and eating high-volume foods like rice cakes may keep you from being hungry, but is it healthy? Having a strong appetite and being hungry is actually a sign of good health and a strong metabolism, which of course means you should eat in order to gain energy, supply [...]

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Improving Digestion

For truck drivers, busy office workers, mechanics, and anyone that has a hectic schedule, it can be tempting to eat on the go, eat too quickly, or just eat whatever food is available at the time. This can lead to a lot of gas, bloating, stomach discomfort, slow (or too quick) digestion, and more. For anyone working on the road, an unpredictable bathroom schedule is anything but convenient! There are many ways we can improve our digestion, though, so keep reading. [...]

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ATN: What’s the healthiest breakfast for a driver?

Q: What's the healthiest breakfast for a driver? A: Well, that's going to depend on the driver's schedule and location, as well as what food is available in restaurants, truck stops, or on the road! This is the reason we don't provide set meal plans, but rather meal and snack suggestions, to cover a variety of options that may be available and to provide a wide array of inspiration. To give a little flexibility, I'm going to give a few answers, [...]

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ATN: Are plant-based meat products healthy?

Ask the Nutritionist: Are vegan meat products, such as Beyond Meat burgers, healthy? Q: This is such an important topic. By now, I'm sure you've seen them at fast food restaurants and grocery stores, where entire freezers are dedicated to meatless "meat" products. Veggie Burger, image from Nora Cooks Now, not all of these products are created equal. Some of them, often veggie burgers, stick to a "homemade" type of recipe, using beans and vegetables to make up their [...]

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