ATN: What’s the healthiest breakfast for a driver?

Q: What's the healthiest breakfast for a driver? A: Well, that's going to depend on the driver's schedule and location, as well as what food is available in restaurants, truck stops, or on the road! This is the reason we don't provide set meal plans, but rather meal and snack suggestions, to cover a variety of options that may be available and to provide a wide array of inspiration. To give a little flexibility, I'm going to give a few answers, [...]

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ATN: Are plant-based meat products healthy?

Ask the Nutritionist: Are vegan meat products, such as Beyond Meat burgers, healthy? Q: This is such an important topic. By now, I'm sure you've seen them at fast food restaurants and grocery stores, where entire freezers are dedicated to meatless "meat" products. Veggie Burger, image from Nora Cooks Now, not all of these products are created equal. Some of them, often veggie burgers, stick to a "homemade" type of recipe, using beans and vegetables to make up their [...]

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ATN: What 3 changes should a driver make first?

Q: What 3 changes should a driver make first, in order to improve their health? A: This is a good question, because I like the focus on wanting to just create a few new healthy habits, rather than a total lifestyle overhaul all at once. Changing 1-3 habits at a time is how I work with most clients, and they see great success this way. Unfortunately, the answer isn't the same for everyone! It will depend on a drivers lifestyle, schedule, [...]

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Improve your Health this Summer

We finally made it through arguably one of the most difficult winters we have ever faced in our lifetimes, which included the usual difficulties of cold weather and poor road conditions, compounded with COVID-19 and the related restrictions and lockdowns. While the pandemic may still be ongoing, the warm weather is affording us the chance to break out of our routines (and houses) and use this time of year to shift into a healthier lifestyle, filled with nourishing foods and outdoor [...]

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Sweet Sweet Sugar

As we move into warmer days, thoughts of spending time outside and enjoying summer get togethers often sparks conversations around a rather controversial topic: sugar! In the summer, we tend to crave and enjoy more items loaded with sugar, such as popsicles, lemonade, jello, ice cream, and more. So as we head into the warmer months, I want to clarify some of the conflicting info on sugar that’s out there, so you can enjoy a sweet and healthy summer! First, not [...]

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Ask the Nutritionist: Do I really need to drink a gallon of water each day?

Q: Do I really need to drink a gallon of water each day? A: Lately, some trainers and nutritionists have been promoting drinking a gallon, or 4 litres, of water per day. But, is that really how much you need? Maybe not.   Our bodies require water, but they also require minerals, and our body works hard to try and balance our water to mineral ratios. If we drink too much water, the body excretes what it doesn’t need, but it [...]

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