Are you resting and recovering enough?

As we head into the holiday season and many people's schedules start to fill up again, we are going to discuss an important topic: rest. Now it's important to recognize that rest does not just mean sleep or lounging on the couch, but rather all of the time you spend relaxing, taking breaks from work/chores/strenuous [...]

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Is coffee an acceptable breakfast?

Do you tend to forego a real meal and treat coffee as your first meal of the day? This applies especially if you don't eat for several hours after the coffee. As convenient as it may be, especially for busy drivers on the road, coffee is not a meal. Breakfast really is the most important [...]

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ATN: What’s the “right” amount of exercise?

Q: What's the "right" amount of exercise I should be doing to be healthy? A: Unfortunately, there is no perfect amount of exercise for every individual. Let's break it down a bit further: Our main goal of exercise should be 3 things: Boost endorphins, the "feel good hormones" which improve your mood Increasing energy Improve [...]

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ATN: Protein Powder

Q: What's an easy to digest, high quality protein powder that you would recommend? I haven't discussed protein powders in quite a while, as there is a lot of controversy over many of them and their risks vs. rewards. If you eat a balanced diet and live a moderately active lifestyle, protein supplementation likely isn't [...]

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Healthy Fleet Challenge: Breakfast

We’ve heard for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but we don’t hear enough is that it needs to be healthy in order to be beneficial. That’s right, the greasy breakfast sandwich and sugar filled donut you may rely on just don’t cut it. As you work towards cleaning up [...]

Staying Healthy as a New Driver

I often hear from people new to the industry who are afraid of gaining weight on the road, knowing that it can be difficult to eat well and exercise as a driver. If that’s you, I’m here to help! First, stop telling yourself that you’re going to gain weight or become unhealthy as a driver; [...]

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Improving Sleep on the Road

We’re always told that we need 8 hours of sleep, but that’s easier said than done! Plus, if we’re not getting good quality sleep, it doesn’t matter how long we’re down for, we won’t be properly rested for the next day. Think about it – sleep is how your body recovers and heals itself each [...]

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